Garena Shells Generator - Free Garena Shells

Garena Shells Generator it is our latest software in hacking and we are proud to say that is is best of its kind.Our Garena Shells Generator, comparing to other Garena Hacks, it is very precise and very user friendly. And if that wasn't enough, like other hacking softwares that we created, Garena Shell Generator it is constantly updated to keep it on the top of the line.

After long tiring hours from our team we finally managed to make the perfect Garena Shell that will keep your money in your pocket and use them in other more important things. With our Garena Shell Generator you will no longer have to pay for your Garena Shells. Our team makes softwares for people who, for various reasons, can't buy everything that is for sale. And not only!

garena shells generator

As we said the software it is very simple to use. After you opened it A pop-up appears where, you have to enter the username. Second step(after you clicked the "Connect" button for connecting to servers) it is to select the amount of shells between 1000,2000 and 5000. After this you just have to click the "Generate" button.
When the progress bar has finished you will get the message saying that the Garena Shells has been successfully injected into your account. All you have to do after these simple steps it is to wait for the shells to appear into your account.

Garena Shells Generator v.2.3.5
7.19 MB
1.The software may not successfully add the selected shells into your account you will have to wait a little longer,to try again or to change the amount of shells. 
2.DO NOT OVERUSE this Garena Shells Generator!! to avoid your IP being banned from Garena we strongly recommend not to add more than 5000 shells per 24 hours. Not obeying this simple rule , most likely your account will be banned.You have been warned!

Garena Shells Generator Video Demonstration